Resilience Formula

Stress has become a universal factor in every workplace, every discipline. It is an accepted reality… but how much stress is too much and, at what cost to business and healthcare?

Paul Shearstone’s Resilience Formula® finds bedrock in his R3 approach:
Recognize, Respond and Resolve

Company Benefits

* Improved Employee Productivity
* Proven stress-reduction strategy for
management and employees to follow
* Reduction in absenteeism due to stress
* Reduction in healthcare costs / greater profits
Employee Benefits

* Actionable Techniques for controlling stress
* Tangible tools to overcome stress and produce more
* Empowerment to better-deal with change
* Proven ways to deal with worry

Paul is no stranger to stress. A successful straight-commissioned salesman on the frontlines for over 20 years and survivor of a debilitating disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS], he has faced stress head on, endured it and overcome it.

That, combined with his extensive research over the last decade in addition to the books and many articles he has published, uniquely qualify him as an expert – more importantly, someone who knows how to help people be more resilient and productive!

Paul’s speaking style includes a little humor - with an edge. His ideas foster new introspective thought designed to create action. Participants enjoy an energized delivery without the raw-raw - no mystical journeys - simply the proven facts and stories that clearly help people see and deal with stress from a different [proven] perspective.

Armed with the tools and techniques Paul has to share, participants are re-galvanized for peak performance. Employers garner a sound return on investment realized in a happier, healthier and more productive workforce…Guaranteed!

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