2019… got goals?

New Years is the time we clearly demonstrate just how undedicated and aimless we really are!

Ask anybody on January 2nd, 2019 if they have New Years resolutions or goals and nine out of ten will say, “Yes!” …Ask the same people about their resolutions three months later and they’ll look at you like a small goat discovering a new fence for the first time.

All good intentions aside, exhaustive studies have shown only 3% of the population engage in some form of goal-setting and only 1% on average, write them down.

Moreover, there is no small coincidence in the 1% that write goals down and the highest achieving, highest income-earning men and women around the world.

Setting goals is the genesis from which things great and not so great are accomplished. Read any book on achievement or watch the Biography Channel and see the quintessential message is clear: Goals = Success!

If it’s that simple though, why then are most people so unsuccessful in the fundamentals of Real goal setting?

One legitimate answer may be, our generation is busier than any generation in the past. Life today is not static and our preoccupation with just trying to ‘get by’ runs juxtaposed to the activities needed for maintaining concentrated goal achievement. Fair enough.

On the other hand, these same studies, mentioned above, are just as clear on the real reason most people – even some of the ones who bother to set goals – will never achieve them. They fail to write them down; relying rather, they be left to our memories to manage.

The Fact is: Your goals are future landmarks on paths created by You.

Goal experts, however, will be quick to point out, “Unwritten goals are nothing more than Wishes”… and we know the world is full of people with plenty of wishes. Go to any lottery office or anywhere they sell things like DotCom Stock. In one place, they wish they’d bought more, in the other they wish they hadn’t bought any at all!

Real goal-achievement has so nothing to do with merely thinking of what we’d like to accomplish and everything to do with Not Forgetting. 

As the young man once said, “My memory is the thing I use to forget with”. If we buy-off on the precept, we are now the busiest, most preoccupied generation, it’s no stretch then to believe the experts when they say, “Goals left only to memory are destined to fade like so many wishes”.


Before we look for the remedy to the goal-achievement challenge, it is important we understand the fundamental psychology of goal setting. That is to say, how it works.

Psychological studies on the highest achieving men and women demonstrate, people with clear, specific goals, immediately and by default, become psychologically Goal Oriented individuals. [No mystery there].

Since goals take place in the future, those with goals also by default become psychologically, motivationally, Future Oriented individuals.

Finally, since we can agree, if we go to the trouble of having goals, it’s because we want to achieve them, another automatic psychological outcome is, we immutably become psychologically, motivationally, human-behaviorally and actively, Success Oriented individuals.

[To put that into perspective, we can all think of people we know who are naturally, ‘Failure Oriented’ individuals].

These hallmarks are known as the Three Unique Psychological Success Orientations; the stuff that governs everything we do in the present, the moment, the now, as we go about our lives putting people, places and things together to affect positive outcomes in the future, as it relates to our goals.

That is, however, if we don’t forget them!

The good news is, the simple act of reviewing our goals and activities on a daily basis, serves, in itself, to ensure we don’t forget them – thereby keeping them fresh, clear, specific and at the front of our mind.

As mentioned and psychological studies show, unforgotten goals quite naturally engender Unique Psychological Success Orientations that by default, impact in a positive way, our thoughts and activities as we go through our lives focused undauntedly in the moment on things we wish to accomplish.

The Bottom Line:

Those without goals, more often than not, find themselves directionless, relying mostly on things like luck. Goal-Setting is only the first step. Constant Goal-Review is the activity that ensures Goal-Achievement and Success!


Paul Shearstone MACP, NLP/CCP, is a recognized expert on Sales and Persuasion, a Speaker, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, twice-certified Life & Business Coaching Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Therapist and, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.